WebSite-Watcher 2018 18.2特别版

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Version 2018 (18.2)

[-] Checking text files was broken in the 64bit version of WebSite-Watcher 18.1

Version 2018 (18.1)

[+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting + Extract DATA parameter from HTML tags: Works generically for all data-* parameters

[+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting: New option "Extract image title"

[+] Bookmark pre-definitions: It's possible to pre-define the "Open bookmark" configurations

[+] Plugins: New built-in functions for string comparison: StrCmp and StrICmp

[+] Keywords window: New function to find keywords

[+] sitemap.xml files supported, can also be used in combination with Follow-Links. (Read more at

[x] Advanced connection rules could cause problems on some Windows Server systems

[+] CSS based filters work in combination with the "article" tag

[x] Bookmark checks: Improved detection and handling of redirections

[+] Bookmark action "Export page": Exporting to text format will include bookmark name and URL

[+] Export bookmarks to Excel: New fields {last_change_date} and {last_check_date}

[-] Root folder properties were not saved correctly under certain circumstances

[+] Phone bookmarks: It's possible to edit 5 bookmark lists (requires the WSW App 2018.2)

[x] Plugins: Function "GetComparisonInfo" improved

Smaller fixes and optimizations

Version 2018 (18.0)

[+] "Phone Mode" - Read changed bookmarks on your Smartphone with our new WebSite-Watcher app. All features that are required to read the bookmarks on your phone are also available in the Freeware Version of the app.

[+] PDF plugins: pdftotext.exe is now deployed with WebSite-Watcher and must no longer be installed separately. So all PDF plugins can now be used without further configurations.

[x] PDF plugins are now compatible with the latest version of pdftotext.exe

[x] Repair database rewritten, is more robust against errors now.

[x] Program tweak HighlightChangesExactHigh=1 improved, works more precisely now.

[+] Add URL from Firefox: New technique to grab URL from opened page. Works also with Firefox 57+ and 32/64bit versions.

[+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting + Extract DATA param from HTML tags: Extracts the text content from various HTML tag parameters and inserts it into the page. For example text content from ALT, TITLE or DATA-CONTENT parameters. This lets you monitor content that you typically see after moving the mouse over certain elements.

[x] Special filter "Sort words" improved

[x] Add URL from browser improved when WSW is not running.

[x] Internet Explorer Macros improved, supports more type of logins

[x] CSS filters improved

[x] WSW checks if a database is read-only to avoid database problems

[x] Improved detection if another tool blocks the WebSite-Watcher bookmark database

[x] Advanced connection rules: Max time between connection rules increased to 600 seconds

[x] Improved: decoding certain characters

[x] Improved conversion of Excel files

[x] Improved RSS feed filtering

[x] Improved handling of dual monitor setups

[-] Advanced connection rules could consume high CPU under certain circumstances

Smaller fixes and improvements





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