UltraDefrag v7.1.0 绿色便携版 强大的磁盘整理工具

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UltraDefrag是一款功能强大的开源磁盘整理工具,适用于NT内核的Windows系统。用过O&O Defrag Pro、PerfectDisk Pro等UltraDefrag是整理速度最快的,并且效果也相当不错。

软件主页 https://ultradefrag.net/


v7.1.0 2018-09-28

the repeat action option was retired, now all the diskprocessing algorithms decide themselves whether it's worth to run one more pass or not

compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 was improved

cluster map was adjusted to always fit perfectly into the main frame

file fragmentation reports appearance was improved

options.lua file was moved to conf subfolder to fix configuration tracking bugs (#222 and #225)

explorer's context menu entries were fixed to never show up for special objects like recycle bin and control panel

file fragmentation reports were fixed to take daylight saving time settings into account

a lot of minor bugs were fixed

documentation was expanded

the following translations were updated:

Chinese (China), English (United Kingdom), Estonian, French,Galician, German, Iloko, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish,Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Spanish (Argentina),Spanish (Mexico), Swedish

website was moved from http://ultradefrag.sourceforge.net/ to https://ultradefrag.net/ for the sake of performance - now it works approximately 10 times faster

Internals: compilation was optimized for speed




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