Navicat Premium v12.1.9 特别版

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Navicat Premium 是一套数据库开发工具,让你从单一应用程序中同时连接 MySQL、MariaDB、SQL Server、Oracle、PostgreSQL 和 SQLite 数据库。它与 Amazon RDS、Amazon Aurora、Amazon Redshift、Microsoft Azure、Oracle Cloud、阿里云和腾讯云等云数据库兼容。你可以快速轻松地创建、管理和维护数据库。


Bug Fixs

File encoding was incorrect when transferring database to SQL file.

The generated CREATE PROCEDURE statement was incorrect when dumping database to SQL file.

Structure Synchronization detected differences after synchronizing.

Incorrect unique values were imported from .dbf file.

Crashed when saving the modified field names in some cases.

Extra "(" was added to INSERT statements when deploying scripts in Data Synchronization.

Foreign keys were not transferred when transferring tables from MySQL to SQLite.

Unable to restore LONGTEXT data completely from .psc file.

.ndm file association was not worked.

12.1.9版:(32 bit)      (64 bit)





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