JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

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Exporting scripts, images, shapes, movies, sounds, fonts...
SWF to FLA conversion
SWF to XML export and import again
Various output formats like SVG or HTML5 Canvas
Displaying ActionScript source code.
Experimental direct editing of ActionScript source
Editing via assembler source
Integrated ActionScript debugger - step, breakpoints, set variables
Both ActionScript 1/2 and AS3 support
Clicking decompiled source highlights P-code associated instruction and vice-versa
Replacing images, editing texts, fonts and other tags
Displaying SWF resources (shapes, sprites, fonts, buttons...)
Editation of instance metadata
Hexadecimal dump view with color hilighting also available
Built-in proxy server for editing SWF files which come through it
Java based code which supports multiple platforms
Multilanguage support
Can decompile some kinds of obfuscated code too.
Open SWF files hidden in loaders (AS3,Windows)
GFX Scaleform and Iggy 64 () files support





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