GoodSync Enterprise v10.9.11 数据同步工具

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Browse Dialog + Multi-Select: fixed crashes, fixed several bugs.

UPNP: Speed up and fix UPNP discovery in case a lot of UDP packets is received.

Synclib: Fixed crash in 'Source file size is not the same as Destination file size'.

Sync Progress: Fixed progress in sequence Sync, Stop, Sync again.

When installing CC Runner GUI, stop and remove CC Runner Service for the same user.

Localization: impproved CN, ZH, UA localizations.


* UPNP discovery: Bigger rewrite, to speed up and simplify Port Forwarding.

* gs-server + Quota: Fixed 'Cannot convert to GSIO path' error.

* GSTP Tunnel for RDC: Fixed errors on closing of Tunnel by Server.

* GSTP client: CloneAndConnect: Faster cloning of connection via Forwarder.

* Mega FS: Fixed 'Cannot get file fingerprint' error on really old files.


gs-server UPNP discovery: many improvements in UPNP discovery, add SSDP monitoring.

gs-server: Fixed issues in Dynamic Port bind, if preferred port is busy.

gs-server Quota FS: multiple fixes in quota computation.

Mediator: Fixed chaining of grants: (A, B) + (B, C) = (A, C): propagate all properties.

Mediator: When creating Share, first make sure this is unique: ToUserId, ToCompId, ToFolderName.

AutoClear: Do not go into Waiting for User, if AutoClear was performed.

AutoClear: Show Tree when AutoClear is specified and we have Conflicts.

Analyze + Sync: Fixed sync tree was not shown On Analyze+Sync when conflicts are present.

Explorer + RDC: Move calling Remote Desktop from Bookmark List to Server context menu.

Browse Dialog + Multi Select: Do not allow selecting folders from diffrent servers.

Browse: If connecting to Server Root we have Home Folder, navigate to Home Folder instead (FTP, SFTP).

More optimizations at compile time.





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