FastStone Capture 9.4 绿色便携优化版

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FastStone Capture 是一款极好用的图像浏览、编辑和截屏工具,支持 BMP、JPG、JPEG、GIF、PNG、TIFF、WMF、ICO 和 TGA 在内的主流图片格式,其独有的光滑和毛刺处理技术让图片更加清晰,提供缩放、旋转、剪切、颜色调整功能。

FastStone Capture 已经支持固定区域截图和重复上次截取功能,也增强了滚动窗口截图性能,支持到各大浏览器的最新版本。除此之外,FastStone Capture 也提供了实用小工具,如屏幕录像机、屏幕放大镜、屏幕取色器、屏幕标尺、屏幕十字线等。屏幕录像机功能可以录制屏幕动作,将窗口/对象、矩形区域或全屏区域的屏幕录制为高清晰 WMV 视频。


Version 9.0 (June 15, 2018)

Added "Auto Screen Capture", which automatically and repeatedly captures the screen at user-specified time intervals

Added "Auto-Send to Clipboard" option to the right click menu in Screen Ruler. This option sends measurements to Clipboard automatically

Other minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Added "To Draw (Skip Editor)" as a new output destination option
  • Added "Print" button to Draw tool
  • Enhanced Window/Object Capture function on Windows 10
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes



  • Enhanced Draw tool by adding:
    • Oval Text Box 
    • Magnifier
    • 3 options (Rectangle, Round Corners and Oval) for Highlighter 
    • Preset colors for all annotation objects
  • Added "Delay before Capture" option to Capture Panel. A delay timer can be used to capture drop-down/pop-up menus
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes



Enhanced the Draw tool, now you can:

  • Draw curved text
  • Insert text along a curved line (Right-click on the line and select "Insert Text")
  • Draw fancy lines (10 styles)
  • Apply an Outline effect to lines, rectangles and ellipses

Added an option (Use @ in file name template) to generate random characters (0-9,a-z,A-Z) in file names. See "File Name" tab in the Settings

Other minor improvements and bug fixes



Added an audio indicator to Screen Recorder

Added resizing handles to the "Acquire Images from Scanner" tool

Standard sizes for fixed-size region are customizable

Converts multi-page TIFF file to PDF file

Improved support for 4K monitors

Other improvements and bug fixes





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