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ExamDiff Pro 能让使用者快速比对两个文字文件的相异之处!程序支持文件对比和目录(文件夹)对比,并以不同的颜色及指标标示出来,除了可以自定颜色,还能快速呼叫惯用的文字编辑器来编辑文件内容。不但功能实用、中英文相兼容。

其实与Beyond Compare功能类似,由于某些原因BC不好找,大家可以试试这个


- Compares text files, binary files, and directories.

- Performs two-way and three-way diff and merge.

- Highlights differences down to the level of lines, words or characters.

- Customizable syntax highlighting for document types, such as C++, Java,
XML, and much more.

- Allows editing files within file comparison panes.

- Prints and print previews diff reports.

- Allows to add manual synchronization points to text file comparison.

- Fuzzy line matching.

- Ability to recognize moved text blocks.

- Extensive drag and drop support.

- Includes full Unicode support.

- Performs automated directory synchronization.

- Line Inspector panel for easy recognition of differences within lines.

- Can perform full file comparison in a background task in directory

- Allows to ignore whitespace, case, lines and line parts matching
a regular expression, multiple column ranges, programming language
comments and more.

- Allows creating directory snapshots for later comparison.

- Performs synchronous and simple word wrapping of long lines.

- Remembers a user-specified number of last compared first and
second files or directories.

- There is no need to specify both filenames -- just enter a directory
name for one of the files to be compared. ExamDiff will attempt to use
an entered filename with a previously specified directory name for the
second file.

- Automatically detects file or directory changes and prompts the user
to re-compare.

- One push re-compare function attempts to leave the viewer's focus in
the same place as before the re-compare.

- Drag and drop support for dropping one or two files or directories into
the program's window (e.g. from Windows Explorer) for comparison.

- Allows file or directory comparison from the directory comparison panes
with a simple double-click on one of the files or directories to be

- Allows the copying, renaming, and deleting files or directories from
the directory comparison panes via menu, toolbar buttons, or a right
button pop up. Any of these operations is followed by automatic
re-synchronization of the compared directories. You can also sort
directories in the left or the right pane by name, size, type, or last
modification time without losing synchronization.

- Easy editing of files. ExamDiff Pro will spawn any editor (configurable
by the user) with the file name and caret position options.

- Saves the differences in text (standard UNIX DIFF file for file
comparison) or HTML file.

- Easy navigation through the differences via "Next Difference"/
"Current Difference"/"Previous Difference" buttons and hot keys or via
a list box of all the differences.

- Allows the copying of text from the file comparison panes via drag and
drop, a hot key, or a right button pop up.

- Simple "Search" command to search for strings in the comparison panes.
It also remembers a user specified number of most recent searches.

- Customizable colors.

- Fully customizable file name, extension, and/or path filter. For
example, the user can choose only .c and .cpp files or any other files
he/she chooses to be compared.

- Support for name filter sets, and preinstalled filter sets for C++,
Delphi, XML, and much more.

- Customizable date and size filter for directory comparison.

- Tooltips which include file or directory properties (when the mouse
cursor is placed over the pane title bars), difference number (when
the cursor is over the yellow triangle marking the current
difference), and etc.

- Adjustable pane splitter with smooth synchronized scrolling.

- Allows easy toggling between horizontal and vertical splitter
orientation as well as splitter centering and hiding of panes.

- Command line support:

Compare two files or directories:
ExamDiff [Path1] [Path2] [Options]
ExamDiff /se:Session [Path1] [Path2]
ExamDiff /sf:SessionFile

Merge three files into fourth file:
ExamDiff /merge LeftPath CenterPath RightPath [/o:OutputPath] [Options]
ExamDiff /se:Session [LeftPath] [CenterPath] [RightPath]
ExamDiff /sf:SessionFile

Path1, Path2: paths of files or directories to be compared
LeftPath (Theirs), CenterPath (Base), RightPath (Yours): paths of files to be merged
OutputPath: path of the output file with merge results
Session: name of the session to be used for comparison or merging
SessionFile: name of the session file to be used for comparison or merging

/i ignore case
/w ignore all white space in lines
/b ignore changes in amount of white space in lines
/l ignore leading white space in lines
/e ignore trailing white space in lines
/k ignore blank lines
/j:RE ignore lines matching regular expression RE
/br briefly report whether files/directories differ
/t treat both files as text files
/tb treat both files as binary files
/d use view filter
/q:M set tab size to M characters
/s consider files with same size and timestamp identical
/ic consider files with same CRC identical
/y consider files with different sizes different
/u consider files with different attributes different
/z consider files with different timestamps different
/dc consider files with different CRC values different
/dv consider files with different versions different
/r0 do not compare subdirectories at all
/r1 compare subdirectories only to determine their status
/r2 compare subdirectories recursively
/fi:filter specify include filter for directory comparison
/fx:filter specify exclude filter for directory comparison
/f report file differences during directory comparison
(used with /o option and with full file comparison,
i.e. without any "consider" options)
/n don't show initial "Compare" dialog
/sd always show initial "Compare" dialog, even if
paths are provided
/a:N scroll through all differences with N second delay
and exit after the last difference
/o:file output diff results to a file (or to the standard
output if '-' is specified), and exit
/no do not generate output file if no diffs are found
/em:email email diff results to the address 'email'
(note: some MAPI clients, such as Outlook, require
the "smtp:" prefix before the email address)
/append append to existing output file (used with /o option;
default - replace existing output file)
/html output HTML diff report (used with /o and /em options;
default - text diff format; does not work with standard
output or with /f or /append options)
/p[:printer] print diff report to default or specified printer and exit
/c print file diffs when printing directory diff report
/x read-only mode
/g:file load ExamDiff Pro options from an options file
/gx:file save ExamDiff Pro options to an options file
/ff force initial file comparison dialog
/fd force initial directory comparison dialog
/swap swap first and second file/directory
/sn1:file use this name when you save the first file
/sn2:file use this name when you save the second file
/nh do not add files or directories to comparison history
/statsonly output only comparison statistics
/dn1:name use this as the first file/directory caption
/dn2:name use this as the second file/directory caption
/dn3:name use this as the third file caption
/dno:name use this as the merge output file caption
/dt1:name use this as the tag for the first/left file
/dt2:name use this as the tag for the second/center file
/dt3:name use this as the tag for the third/right file
/noui if all conflicts are resolved, output merge results
and exit (used with /o option)
/preselect:N in case of a conflict, use center (N=2; default), left (N=1),
or right (N=3) file; used only for three-way merge
/autoresolve mark conflicts as resolved (default - false; typically
used with /preselect option; does not affect two-way merge)
/diffonly diff-only merge mode: hide the output (merge) pane
/?,/h print this screen

Options may be entered before or after paths of files or directories.
Use // to specify that no more options will be entered in command line.

If only /se:Session is specified, the session's file/directory paths and
options will be used, even if some other options are also specified
(they will be ignored.)
If /se:Session option is specified along with file/directory paths,
the specified paths will be used, along with the options from the session
(even if other options are specified in command line).
If no session is specified, the unnamed default session will be used.

If /sf:SessionFile is specified, the session file's file/directory paths
and options will be used, even if some other options are also specified
(they will be ignored.)

Options /i, /w, /b, /l, /e, /k, /j, /br, /d, /s, /y, /u, /z, /dc,
/dv and /c can be used with "!", in which case the option will be
negated (e.g. /!i means do not ignore case).
If options /i, /w, /b, /l, /e, /k, /j, /br, /d, /s, /y, /u, /z, /dc,
/dv, /c (or their negations), /t, tb, /r0, /r1, /r2, /fi, or /fx are
not set, the last used options in the specified or default session
remain in effect.

Command line options are in effect only for the duration of the current
comparison. If the Options dialog is started, matching command line
options will used to initialize the dialog.

Only the following options are valid for file merging (with their negations
where applicable):
/w, /b, /l, /e, /q, /sd, /o, /g, /nh, /dn1, /dn2, /dn3, /dno, /dt1, /dt2, /dt3,
/noui, /se and /sf.

Comparison Examples:
ExamDiff c:\temp\a.txt c:\temp\b.txt /o:-
ExamDiff c:\temp\dir1 c:\temp\dir2 /d /fi:*.txt
ExamDiff c:\temp\dir1 c:\temp\dir2 /se:Unicode
ExamDiff // -a.txt -b.txt

Merging Examples:
ExamDiff /merge c:\temp\theirs.txt c:\temp\base.txt c:\temp\yours.txt /o:c:\output.txt
ExamDiff /merge c:\temp\theirs.txt c:\temp\yours.txt /o:c:\output.txt
ExamDiff /merge c:\temp\theirs.txt c:\temp\base.txt c:\temp\yours.txt /w /dn1:Server /dn2:Base /dn3:Local /nh

Comparison Exit Codes:
0 - identical files or directories
1 - different files or directories
2 - an error occurred

Merging Exit Codes:
0 - no conflicts
1 - some conflicts were found
2 - an error occurred




Fix: Restored "Select Destination Location" and "Select Start Menu Folder" pages in setup.

Fix: Reset window layout if previously saved window is hidden in the current monitor configuration


Improvement: Better messages when adding/removing manual links

Improvement: Better messages when editing read-only files

Fix: Files that contain file paths were incorrectly treated as directories when compared from directory comparison


- New: Ability to compare file/directory lists (Master edition)

- New: Ability to create directory comparison HTML diff report with links
to file comparison HTML diff reports (Master edition)

- New: Quick Compare options

- New: Fuzzy string comparison support for inline text comparison

- New: Option to exclude files by attribute in directory comparison
(especially useful for hidden files/folders)

- New: Added "Ignore subdirectories" to "Handling of subdirectories"
options under Options | Directory Compare

- New: Option to automatically re-compare after save

- New: Ability to hide menu bar

- Improvement: The "Copy Line to Other File" command has been extended to
"Copy Line(s) to Other File"

- Fix: Changed window size sometimes did not persist after re-compare





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