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Everything是速度最快的文件搜索软件,可以瞬间搜索到你需要的文件。比windows的搜索好太多,Everything是速度最快的文件搜索软件,可以瞬间搜索到你需要的文件。如果你用过Windows自带的搜索工具、Total Commander的搜索、Google 桌面搜索或百度硬盘搜索,都因为速度或其他原因而不满意;或者用了Locate32也不满意(或满意),推荐这款体积小巧、免安装、免费、速度极快(比Locate32更快)的文件搜索工具Everything!




added .jpeg extension to the image information search functions.

added support for cluster sizes larger than 64k.

added preview_context ini setting.

updated localization

fixed a crash when clearing search history.

fixed a security issue when running a FTP server.

fixed an issue preventing Everything from closing when pressing ESC

fixed an issue where Everything would lose the current sort after reindexing.

fixed an issue when using invalid characters to rename a file.

fixed a crash when rendering tall or wide images.

fixed an issue when shutting down Everything would cause it to miss changes.

fixed a memory alignment issue.

fixed database corruption when renaming a folder when folder size indexing is enabled or when there is
a folder exclude.

fixed an issue with circular NTFS/ReFS folder parents.