Easy Code Visual assembly IDE

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Easy Code是用于构建32位/ 64位Windows应用程序的可视化汇编编程环境。 程序界面看起来像Visual Basic,它允许您以前所未有的简单方式编写Windows汇编程序(可执行文件,动态和静态库,COFF文件,控制台应用程序,NT驱动程序和服务)。

版本2支持Fasm、GoAsm、JWasm, Uasm, Masm 以及 PoAsm


Bug Fixes:

1. Some unicode characters (Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.) were not correctly shown. Please carefully read the 'Programming Unicode applications' topic in the Easy Code help file.

Please read and follow the directions within the 'AsmC.txt', 'Fasm.txt', 'Masm.txt' and 'UAsm.txt' files located in the 'EasyCode' folder.

1. Now the code page identifier can be set in the project's 'Version' resource.

Deprecated Features:


Fixed some minor issues of the syntax beautifier.

New support (configuration files and example projects) for the Solar Assembler, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Please run this latest version of Easy Code for the 'SolAsm.cfg' and 'SolAsm64.cfg' files to be created, and carefully read 'The Solar Assembler' topic in the Easy Code help file.




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