Acronis True Image 2019 23.3.1 Build 14110 系统备份工具

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Acronis True Image是一款可以在 Windows 下使用全部功能的克隆与恢复软件;克隆与恢复的速度最快;支持 DVD 驱动器,企业用户可以将大量数据备份到一张大容量的 DVD碟片上;操作简单。 True Image 的优点在于与 Windows 的完全兼容,所有的工作都可以在 Windows 环境下完成。

Acronis True Image for PC 支持本地备份和云备份,它可保存整个系统和单个文件,随时都可让您及时返回。
使用外部驱动器、云备份或任何 NAS 设备。
即刻还原,甚至可在任意 PC 间来回移动整个系统。

Acronis True Image,系统备份还原利器!可在 Windows 下使用全部功能的克隆与恢复软件;克隆与恢复的速度最快;支持 DVD 驱动器,操作简单可将大量数据备份到一张DVD碟片上;优点在于与 Windows 的完全兼容。该软件版本多,但家庭版即可适用大多数人的需求:能备份,可以异机还原,可开辟隐藏分区和热键启动。企业版可以局域网备份还原,并有企业版的远程备份还原和无限云备份空间。



v23.3.1 Build 14110

Added support for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Bug fixes and other improvements

Fixed issues

It is impossible to boot WinPE created under Windows 10x64 UEFI on machines with Windows 10x86 UEFI and vice versa.

"MediaBuilder.exe" continues running after closing the Rescue Media Builder window.

Intel Stream x360 does not boot after recovery from a cloud backup.

The 'Do not back up on battery' option is not shown in settings after installing a UPS.

On a slower network connection, a file backup to Cloud may fail. The following message appears: "Network disconnected by timeout."

For GPT disks larger than 4 TB used on BIOS systems, Acronis Survival Kit converts GPT into MBR.

Known issues

Backup comments do not reappear after reinstalling the product for file backups to Cloud.

[TI-127741] File recovery to the original location from Acronis Cloud fails if the original file is locked.

[TI-119448] If you pause your backup to Acronis Cloud and try to delete it, the following message appears: "The data you are trying to use is blocked at the moment.
Please try again later."

[TI-115928] After the computer is woken up from the sleep mode, the archiving operation fails. The following message appears: "Write error."

[TI-54006] Some files remain on the local PC after archiving if the Internet connection is lost for some time during the archiving operation.

[TI-100468] Acronis True Image requests credentials for a mapped public network share during the backup destination selection.

v23.2.1 Build 13660

New! Cleaning up backup versions manually
Take even greater control over your local backups in order to better manage your disk space. Our new backup cleanup utility allows you to free up space by manually selecting unnecessary versions of your backups. Keep what you need, wipe what you don’t.

New! Acronis Survival Kit
To recover your computer in case of a failure, you need to have two crucial components—a backup of your system disk and a bootable rescue media. Acronis Survival Kit is an external hard disk drive that contains both components so that you can have a single device that has everything that you need to recover your computer. To create an Acronis Survival Kit you can use any external hard disk drive larger than 32 GB. Please note that external flash drives are not supported.

New! Active Protection for NAS devices and network shares
Acronis Active Protection, our industry-leading defense against ransomware, can now protect network shares and NAS devices.

New! Enhanced scheduling flexibility
We are making scheduling easier with the new option that allows starting backups whenever an external drive is connected. Configure a new backup plan, activate the option, and your backup will start automatically each time you attach the designated USB drive to your PC.

Improved Cloud backup
Acronis’ new technology for backing up files to the cloud increases the backup speed. That means the independently proven fastest cloud backup is even better, delivering secure, off-site storage that encrypts your data to ensure your digital privacy.

Improved OneDrive backup technology
Acronis True Image 2019 can now back up the OneDrive files that are physically present on your PC. Please make sure that the option "Save space and download files as you use them" is disabled in the Microsoft OneDrive settings, to ensure Acronis True Image consistently backs up your files.

Improved WinPE Media Builder
In Acronis True Image 2019 WinPE media received two important improvements:

The ability to add drivers to WinPE media
Acronis WinPE media detects network adapters and you can configure network settings to recover using either a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection

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